Editorial: The role of The Weta and (our first) request for more copy


  • Simon Hodge
  • Rob Cruickshank


Like some of our predecessors we begin our tenure as editors of The Weta by considering the remit and scope of the bulletin, and making a request for the submission of more papers. We realize that there is increasing pressure for professional entomologists to develop a portfolio of published work of increasing size and quality. These days, a CV containing an impressive publication list in terms of numbers of papers and a presence in high impact journals is almost an essential prerequisite for achieving even steady career advancement. In New Zealand this phenomenon is compounded by the Performance-Based Research Fund exercise, which rewards establishments whose staff members have published high numbers of papers in high-ranking journals. These high quality publications generally require high quality funding, but without the papers the funding is difficult to obtain, and without the funding it is difficult to carry out high quality research... and so the circle continues. Not surprisingly, this situation tends not to motivate authors to publish their findings in a society bulletin such as this, especially if there is even the slimmest of chances the work may eventually find its way into a more prestigious journal.




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Hodge, S. and Cruickshank, R. 2017. Editorial: The role of The Weta and (our first) request for more copy. The Wētā. 51, (Aug. 2017), 1–5.




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