Entomological notes: Wallaceville Animal Research Centre


  • John Tenquist


Allan Heath is studying the seasonal occurence of the New Zealand cattle tick, Haemaphysalis longicornis at Wairoa (Hawkes Bay) and Te Horo (Horowhenua). Allan is also studying the effect of climate on the survival of H. longicornis.

Dallas Bishop is studying the arthropod fauna of cattle faeces (the things some people do for science) as part of a study on the longevity and dispersal of parasitic nematode larvae.

Peter Kettle has recently returned from England and is undertaking a study of the economic effects of the biting louse of sheep (Damalinia ovis) Peter is also looking at biting and sucking lice of cattle.

John Tenquist has set up fly traps in various parts of the North island to try and assess species composition in relation to flystrike.




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Tenquist, J. 1978. Entomological notes: Wallaceville Animal Research Centre. The Wētā. 1, 2 (Apr. 1978), 27.




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